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Your ‘one stop HQ’ for cutting

HQ can do all the cutting you'll ever need, from bulk cutting through to sample cutting, Block Fusing , Band Knifing and we can even store your fabric free of charge.

We have a modern light filled and secure factory in Avondale with parking at the door.Please get in touch we have the experience you need,we are friendly and happy to chat at anytime.



Band Knife Cutting
Block Fusing

Our Roller Fusing Press takes fabric/ fuse blocks up to 90 cm wide and length is dependent on the block. We have done up to about 5 metre long pieces so length is not a problem for those one-off jobs.We offer Block Fusing as part of our cutting service so all pattern pieces marked for Block Fusing will get processed as part of the cutting job.We are also very happy to do the block fusing for one-off sample jacket/coat  lengths.Our press can also be used to preshrink Metallic fabrics, Linen,  Cashmere,  Wool and other fabrics where the shrinkage can be excessive.  This prevents shrinkage in the finished garments when they are being pressed.

Block Fusing

Band Knife Cutting

When you need  precision and/or  intricate cutting, these pieces are all cut on a band knife. This gives the most accurate finish possible.

Band Knife Cutting

Sample Cutting 

All our samples are cut with the fabric layered between a bottom sheet of paper and the marker.  This means that the pieces are cut as accurately as possible.

We have been offering a sample cutting service for nearly 30 years and attempt to turn these around in 24 hours.  We cut Main, Contrast/, Self-Fusing pieces and complete any block fusing required.

We can make manual markers from your card patterns or produce our own plotted markers using your digitised patterns.We operate a Gerber Computer Plotter and we can convert your digitised patterns from Pad and Lectra, we also work closely with a digitising bureau to convert from StyleCad. We have found that using digitised markers cuts down on the time to produce markers significantly and if there is ever a recut of the style, we already have the marker on file and can re-plot it saving more time.  This speeds up work turnaround especially in busy seasonal times.

Marker Making and Digitised Markers

Sample Cutting

Storing Fabric

Do you have problems storing your fabric during the cutting seasons?  We can help you out as we have safe storage under our tables where your fabric can be kept separately and out of sight of other customers.

Fabric Cutting

We also have another service we can offer.

Die-Cutting Clicker Press

We have a Clicker Press onsite so if you can supply the Die’s, we can cut any shape you want.

Die-Cutting Clicker Press

Die-Cutting Clicker
 bulk fabric cutting




HQ Cutting Services Ltd was established by Glenn and Sheila Davies in 2007, but that wasn't the beginning.Glenn trained as a cutter with Summit Shirts in the late 1970's and spent many years contracting.He then did a successful stint at long distance Triathlons and laying Cobblestone Driveways/Landscaping before getting back into the business as a Contract Cutter in 1991.

With nearly 40 years experience cutting fashion HQ  (as we are affectionately know) has worked with all the top New Zealand designers plus a raft of boutique labels,several Merino Baby clothing labels,the film industry and others.

Sheila and Glenn make a reliable team who are able to help with all aspects of cutting style.,including giving advice and direction when creating a garment.









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